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On Friendship

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Posted:     Post subject: On Friendship

I sometimes liken Friendship to a web. Inter-weaving threads, spun between individual Friends. The threads can grow stronger.. longer.. they can even break ! But the web holds!

Should Friends be with you every step of the way - different friends at different times... but they will be there ?!
Or do "people come and go in you life, but true friends stay as part of your life for ever" !?
Are Friends those that will be with you through good and bad !?
Are friends those that would sacrificially give up their own Happiness in order that you could obtain yours ?

Some people might say that their close friends are ones they have known for years and would trust with their life, but only a few with their darkest secrets.
Or those you can connect with both emotionally and intellectually, without necessarily having loads in common with ?
Some say you need all sorts of people in your life to make you stable and realistic - people from different cultures, religions, races, .... that Friends are people whose knowledge and experiences you can feed off, to enrich your life.

Are Friends people you don't have an uncomfortable silence with !?

Live your life until Life is found !

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Posted:     Post subject:

`I loved your post on friendships. Friendships are like diamonds, precious and rare. When you really have someone in your life, Who truly cares about your overall well being. Then consider yourself very fortunate. True friends are few. A person with real friends is truly rich indeed.

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Posted:     Post subject:

But how and where are these "true friends" to be found !?

Some might say, Friendship doesn't occur... it doesn't fall out of the sky onto your lap... it needs to be develped and nutured, through the sun and the rain, from a seedling, into a strong mature tree of True Friendship.

But is that just our way of filtering out the strong and the weak seeds and saplings !?

What if the seed id not compatible with the soil.. will it just be a stuggle to produce a withered and mishape abomination of a friendship !?

Live your life until Life is found !
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December 19, 2011
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The most I can do for my friends is simply to be their friend. I have no
wealth to bestow upon them. If they know that I am happy in loving them,
they will want no other reward.

Is not friendship divine in this?

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